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As a Fitness and Nutrition enthusiast who seeks the best protein and energy to build and keep healthy. Ken is a scientist, nutritional consultant and also passionate about working out at the gym. For a healthy lifestyle, fitness and nutrition is the key. That's why he started researching the protein supplement market, this lead to finding the best ingredients to use in our products, which are the best at meeting the requirements of different body types, fitness goals, and personalities; While remaining clean, natural, nutritious, and sustainable.


A certified Yoga instructor who cares about what we put into our bodies. To get the most out of our bodies we need to give our bodies the best fuel, that is why I strived to design products that are the best. Clean ingredients, minimal processing, and natural ingredients that do not destroy ecosystems from harvesting. Our products are designed for you, for us, and for Any-Body & Any-Mind that seeks a healthy lifestyle from heart to soul.

Founders and Passionate Owners

“Iron & Vine is about understanding what your body needs to fortify & grow“


Pros at what they do

At Iron and Vine we are passionate about health, fitness and nutrition. Scientists and fitness buffs, we have the passion and experience to do what we know is the best. At Iron and Vine, we are experts in our craft. We use our own product because it is that good. And more importantly, we are always ready to explore and experiment in order to keep on delivering products your body will thank you for using.

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Things we believe in

1. Iron & Vine is a Lifestyle, not a product
2. Do it right, or don't do it at all
3. Experiment more and Learn new things.
4. Live Passionately, Live for the Moment and the Future.
5. Tell the truth, live the truth.
6. Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do something.
7. Take risks, do not fear making mistakes.
8. Exceed your limits, set new limits, push to exceed those too.
9. Don’t like something because everybody else does.
10. No backup plan, no plan B, have a plan A and commit to it.


We use this ourselves - join us!

Iron & Vine


Lake Matthews,
California, USA

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